Show how unique someone is to you. How about a commissioned portrait?

Almost every painted portrait on the walls of museums, homes or offices was commissioned by someone. Your beloved wife, husband, friend, children, parents, the most decisive person in the company. The possibilities are endless. You and your beloved horse, or…

To improve the quality of the portrait and the pleasure to see it on the wall, we start with a detailed intake conversation. Who is she/he, what are her/his qualities, passions, desires? What is worth knowing about the childhood, the past, the dreams? Any pleasure with fashion? Besides an appealing portrait, our aim is to come up with an unique painted portrait that can be seen, one day, on the walls of a museum.

Here are some examples of portraits you can expect. Be sure that each portrait will be unique. Common formats are 50/50 cm — 50/70 cm — 70/70 cm — 70/100 cm. The paintings can become a diptych or triptych, even a quadriptych.

Provide the necessary time, provide photos that can be used as a starting point. Let us know where the painting will be placed, what the desired dimensions are. You prefer acrylic or watercolour? Let us know what the ideal moment is to come up with the portrait. Prices are provided on request.

Excited about the idea? Make soon someone realy happy.