Reaching one’s soul is fascinating, be it an old soul, troubled, dark, joyful, an innocent one or a soul that has already come to harmony. All I hope is traveling beyond the physical.

The eye is a door to one’s soul. By observing and studying the eye, listening to how this soul expresses thoughts, watching how she or he moves, I try to reach the essence of the person I bring on the canvas.

Color, pigments, paper, water, canvas, acryl or oil and some brushes, no more is needed.

Now and then I paint an egg, grass, the kitchen, a shadow… as long as the chosen angle reflects my vision of simplicity.

About my watercolors, they resemble in nothing of what can be expected from the technique. As for the red gold dry pigment paintings, I take my time to investigate the full potential.

I have painted and drawn since childhood, spent some fabulous years at the Luca School of Art, but can still be considered as self-taught.


source: “find your source,” he said. Where should I find my source? It took me some time but in the end I got there.

silence: do I need silence? Or does silence needs me? Something greater prompts me to find silence. During these moments, things that cannot yet be understood, transfers. All comes together. We embrace, transcend space and time. We are one. I am We.

see: Sahara, Topkapi, graffiti, Paris-Roubaix, storm, flower, bird, angle, smile, hare

read: Zweig, Steinbeck, Lowry, Simon, Morrison, Mulisch, Murakami, Harper Lee, Coetzee, Mann, Sempé, Ungerer, newspapers

listen: wind, cooking, sea, bird, forest, Mali, night, Rachmaninov, footsteps on gravel while a piano plays Chopin, laugh, train in the distance, summer rain

colour: yellow

sensual: skin, fibre, perfume, herbs, spices, glance, wood, silk, Modigliani, esprit, quattro, fingers

feel: dark side – bright side, love, tomorrow, beauty, grace

fascination: energy, energetics, visible, invisible, known, unknown, man made, natural